West Campus House Professor-Dean, Carl Becker House

Dear Colleagues:

On behalf of the West Campus House System, we are pleased to issue a call for applications for the position of house professor-dean for Carl Becker House, appointment beginning July 2023.

The mission of the West Campus House System is to create an environment that links the residential life of students to the academic mission of the university. Charged with bringing students and faculty together in a spirit of intellectual inquiry and active citizenship, the five West Campus houses offer upper-level students unique faculty-led, living-learning opportunities within their diverse and inclusive communities. These communities emphasize informal interactions with faculty members, and engaging intellectual, cultural, and social opportunities. Faculty leadership is at the core of the West Campus House System and its transformation of undergraduate life at Cornell.

Each of the West Campus houses, named after a legendary Cornell faculty member, is a community of approximately 350 upper-level students, and includes a dining room, common room, seminar room, library, and guest suite for distinguished visitors who participate in programming in the house. The house professor-dean is a tenured faculty member who resides in the house and is supported by a house assistant dean, a seasoned student affairs administrator. Together, they bring to life the mission of the West Campus House System. They are supported by graduate resident fellows and undergraduate student assistants, who live on the floors with the residents, organize events, and help develop a sense of community. In addition, thirty house fellows who are a mix of faculty, senior administrators, and community leaders play an active role in the ongoing programs of each house, joining students at dinners and helping to develop a range of activities. Finally, each house also has a house administrative coordinator who runs the house office and provides key operational and programmatic support.

House professor-deans serve under the direction of the Office of the Provost, report to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, and work closely with members of Student and Campus Life. The house professor-dean appointment is for an initial three-year term with a possible renewal for two additional years. The appointment includes a salary supplement and leave arrangement, with compensation to the house professor-dean’s college. The house professor-dean lives in a three-bedroom apartment with any immediate family members. Cornell dining and parking privileges are provided to the faculty member and any immediate family members. House professor-deans with children have had wonderful multi-generational experiences and would be happy to talk to interested applicants.

In addition to the house professor-dean position, we are conducting a search for three faculty-in-residence positions on North Campus, which begin August 2022. While both the faculty-in-residence and house professor-dean positions are rooted in the mission of meaningful faculty engagement with students outside the classroom, the positions have significant differences in responsibilities and expectations, including time commitments, appointment terms, compensation, and eligibility requirements.

The two searches will be conducted independently. Application materials are due by March 18, 2022, and should be submitted electronically to Stacy Kesselring, sk866@cornell.edu. Please review the list of required application materials and the House Professor-Dean Position Description for more information. The search committee will review applications and conduct interviews in April 2022. The chosen faculty member will then have a full year to work with the current house professor-dean before assuming residency in August 2023.

We encourage interested faculty to contact any of the house professor-deans for further information as well as Ethan Stephenson, Director of Faculty Living-Learning Programs. He may be reached at evs24@cornell.edu. We also encourage you to visit West Campus and meet the current house professor-deans as well as other faculty and students from these communities. The names and contact information for the current house professor-deans, and information about opportunities to attend open houses and join house dinners appear below. Women and underrepresented minorities are especially encouraged to apply.

Best regards,

Michael I. Kotlikoff, V.M.D., Ph.D.

Lisa H. Nishii, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Contact Information

If you have questions about the search, the house professor-dean position, or would like to attend a West Campus house program, you are encouraged to contact Ethan Stephenson, Director of Faculty Living-Learning Programs, evs24@cornell.edu, or any of the current house professors-deans:

Open Houses for Interested Faculty

Neema Kudva, house professor-dean in Carl Becker House, is offering interested faculty the opportunity to meet with her in her house professor-dean apartment on November 17, 2021 or February 23, 2022 at 5:00pm followed by an opportunity to join House Dinner at 6:00pm and House programming at 7:15pm. RSVP to Neema Kudva at kudva@cornell.edu. Interested faculty can choose to participate in all or part of the evening.