Nanoscale Science and Microsystems Engineering (NEXT Nano)

The Task Force:

Name Field
Hines, Melissa Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Lammerding, Jan Biomedical Engineering
Lin, Hening Chemistry and Chemical Biology
McEuen, Paul Physics
Molnar, Al Electrical and Computer Engineering
Muller, David Applied and Engineering Physics
Ober, Chris Materials Science and Engineering
Ralph, Dan Physics
Stroock, Abe Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Scheuring, Simon Weill Department of Medicine

The Charge:

NEXT Nano is a multi-year, interdisciplinary program designed to push nanoscale science and microsystems engineering to the next level of design, function, and integration. The NEXT Nano Task Force will lead a major new recruitment initiative seeking to recruit outstanding faculty who can bridge disciplines to cultivate bold approaches to science and technology at the micro and nanoscale. This initiative will span a 5-year term and will result in 10 targeted (mostly) senior hires across campus in NEXT-relevant fields that will ensure Cornell’s future excellence in the areas of nanoscale science and microsystems engineering.

The interdisciplinary task force includes key participants from the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Engineering, and Weill Cornell Medicine in an effort to further unify our campuses and to take advantage of collective strengths in nanoscience and integrated, active systems. NEXT Nano labs will be co-located in clusters across campus to further encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

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