Genome Biology

Genome biology is providing new tools and approaches that are transforming our fundamental understanding of how genomes are regulated, replicated, and maintained. Moreover, genome biology provides the novel experimental and computational tools needed to better understand and prevent disease and to efficiently harness useful traits in plants and animals. Here we describe the central importance of genome biology to basic science, medicine, agriculture, and ecology—the key strengths and weaknesses at Cornell and the recommended areas of future growth—and specific steps that need implementation. (From October 2018 Report of the Genome Biology Task Force)

The Charge

The Genome Biology Task Force will develop a strategic plan that includes recommendations to shape future recruitment, graduate training, and infrastructure investments for the coming years. While the plan will shape investments on the Ithaca campus, the task force includes key participants from Weill Cornell Medicine in order to further unify our campuses academically and take advantage of aggregate strengths in genomics and genomic medicine in developing multi-investigator proposals.

The task force will shape and strengthen programs in gene regulation, genomics, gene repair, and genetic medicine, as well as other areas of basic and applied biology. The planning exercise should be completed within the 2016-17 academic year, and it is anticipated that the task force will play a critical, ongoing role in coordinating and facilitating recruitments, fostering collaborations, and implementing other aspects of the recommendations.

Task Force

Name Field
Ilana Brito Biomedical Engineering
Charles Danko Baker Institute
Iwijn DeVlaminck Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology Section
Rick Cerione Chemistry and Chemical Biology
Andy Clark Molecular Biology and Genetics
Paula Cohen Biomedical Sciences
Cedric Feschotte Molecular Biology and Genetics
Gary Koretzky Academic Integration
John Lis Molecular Biology and Genetics
Corrie Moreau Entomology/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Lois Pollack Applied and Engineering Physics
Praveen Sethupathy Biomedical Sciences
Chelsea Specht Plant Biology
Nilay Yapici Neurobiology & Behavior

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