Artificial Intelligence Radical Collaboration

Artificial Intelligence (AI), as a field, has experienced incredible growth this past decade and is transforming academic disciplines well beyond traditional computing, and more broadly is transforming enterprise and society. Nations are competing for dominance in AI, with heavy investments in developing AI technologies, and educating and training an AI-ready workforce.

Cornell is a recognized world leader in Artificial Intelligence through its faculty in the areas of Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and core AI, among others. Cornell also has significant strengths across campus in other areas that can play a role in developing and shaping AI such as human-computer interaction, cognitive science, behavioral science, robotics, optimization, data science, computer architecture, engineering, policy, and ethics. Further, many application domains will be disrupted by AI including scientific discovery, medicine, business, climate, and agriculture. To help Cornell formulate its AI strategy for the next decade(s), the charge to the AI Initiative committee is:

The Charge

  1. Identify research areas in which Cornell can lead in the global AI landscape by investments in core AI, and by combining strengths in AI and other disciplines at Cornell.
  2. Propose models for AI education at Cornell at the graduate and undergraduate levels.
  3. Propose models for how Cornell’s AI Initiative should be structured to position Cornell for maximum external (and internal) impact.
  4. Propose models for external engagement and technology transfer with industry and through entrepreneurship.


Name Field
Bart Selman Computer Science, Bowers CIS
Kilian Weinberger Computer Science, Bowers CIS

Committee members

Name Field
Jayadev Acharya ECE, Engineering
Morten Christiansen Psych, Arts and Sciences
Deborah Estrin CS, Bowers CIS, Cornell Tech
Silvia Ferrari MAE, Engineering
Peter Frazier ORIE, Engineering
Jesse Goldberg Neuroscience, Arts and Sciences
Carla Gomes CS, Bowers CIS; Dyson
Thorsten Joachims CS and IS, Bowers CIS
Jon Kleinberg CS and IS, Bowers CIS
Sarah Kreps Govt, Arts and Sciences
Hadas Kress-Gazit MAE, Engineering
Lillian Lee CS and IS, Bowers CIS
Shaun Nichols Philosophy, Arts and Sciences
David Shmoys ORIE, Engineering
Marty Wells DS, Bowers CIS; ILR
Fengqi You CBE, Engineering
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