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Search for Faculty-in-Residence on North Campus

Students talking to Skorton

Aerial view of North Campus in the fall

The search for a Faculty-in-Residence for Mary Donlon Hall on North Campus is underway for a position commencing August 2014.

Faculty-in-Residence are crucial to the North Campus living-learning community, helping to create a shared experience and supportive environment that fosters academic and intellectual learning, personal development, holistic well-being, and a sense of belonging and connectedness. Faculty-in-Residence play a leadership role in the dimension of learning, reinforcing the centrality of intellectual life on North Campus, encouraging intellectual curiosity and exploration, and inspiring learning outside the classroom.

The search process will be in two steps, with the first step being a Call for Nominations from David Skorton and Kent Fuchs.

For information about the status of the search, please contact Michael Busch.

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