Office of the Provost

Tools for Faculty

A window viewing Jennie McGraw Tower on Cornell's Ithaca campus

A window viewing Jennie McGraw Tower on Cornell's Ithaca campus

Recognizing and Responding to Students in Distress (pdf)

A desk reference for faculty to use as they mentor and advise students.

2014 Essential Guide to Academic Integrity (pdf)

During orientation, all new undergraduate students receive a copy of The Essential Guide to Academic Integrity at Cornell and returning students receive an e-mail with a link to the Guide. The Guide includes the Code of Academic Integrity, Acknowledging the Work of Others, Dealing with Online Sources, and Working Collaboratively. It also includes a list of online resources and a section about the pitfalls of cheating and strategies to avoid cheating.

Assessment of Student Learning

Part of Cornell's continual self-examination involves assessing how well we are educating our students. Through assessment, faculty engage in self-conscious goal-setting and evaluation in order to improve student learning. An essential component of good educational practice, assessment promotes a reflective, scholarly approach to teaching, and is consistent with contemporary approaches to higher education that emphasize the importance of engaging students in the learning process.

Planning for H1N1 and Flu-related Absenteeism

Aug. 25 letter from Provost Fuchs to all faculty and instructional staff.

Faculty Innovation in Teaching

The Faculty Innovation in Teaching grants program is part of a larger distributed-learning initiative supported by the Offices of the President and the Provost. The grants are intended for Cornell faculty members who have innovative ideas for substantially improving the education process by leveraging the impact of contemporary information technologies in their teaching. This grants program is unusual in that the initial focus of the proposals is on pedagogy and not technology.

Teaching and Learning Consortium

The Cornell Teaching and Learning Consortium aims to provide coordinated assistance and access to practices, technologies and resources that support current, effective and innovative teaching at Cornell.

Faculty Toolkit

Helpful links to policies, procedures, and other resources of interest to faculty and chairs of academic departments.