Office of the Provost

Academic Priorities and Initiatives


Vice Provost Fredrik Logevall articulated his priorities and plans for engaging the campus in international activities. His Call to Action follows President David Skorton's white paper, "Bringing Cornell to the World and the World to Cornell"; a faculty task force report with focused recommendations for enhancing Cornell's excellence in international studies and international engagement; and Provost Kent Fuchs' point by point response to those recommendations.

Toward New Destinations

Toward New Destinations is a document created by the University Diversity Council which provides a structure for diversity planning and describes the information to be reported annually to the president and provosts.

Strengthening Cornell's Excellence in Public Policy

The Provost's Committee on a Cornell School of Public Policy made recommendations to build on existing programs and enhance the excellence in public policy and public affairs at Cornell. The provost is making the report available to the Cornell community and asking for input on the report's recommendations.

ACCEL: The ADVANCE Program at Cornell University

The National Science Foundation's (NSF) ADVANCE program's stated goals are "to increase the recruitment, retention, and promotion into leadership positions of women in engineering and the sciences, and to institutionalize best practices, policies and programs across colleges as they pertain to women faculty."

This award will directly involve and have maximum impact on the areas supported by the NSF: engineering, physical sciences, life sciences, and social sciences. However, because many of the initiatives are indeed institutional, they will impact the university as a whole. Over the five year life of the ADVANCE grant, we aim to achieve 20% women faculty in each Science and engineering (S&E) department. Our longer-term objective is that a third of our S&E faculty be women by 2015, Cornell's sesquicentennial.