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Provost’s Task Force on Cornell Extension


Develop university level recommendations for the future of Cornell Extension.


Contract colleges of Cornell: College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS); College of Human Ecology (CHE); College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM); and the School of Industrial and Labor Relations (ILR).  The review also includes Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) as it operates within the contract college structure.


A committee comprised of the Vice Provost, the Provost’s Fellow for Public Engagement and two representatives from each of the contract colleges will be formed to engage in an informed and creative process to: generate an understanding of Cornell’s investment in extension and outreach; inventory how the contract colleges address, prioritize, and collaborate to meet their extension missions; explore opportunities for students to learn and contribute to extension; consider how extension at Cornell could be better communicated internally and externally; and, prepare a report with recommendations to submit to the Provost.

Summer 2017 Update

The report of the Provost’s Task Force on Cornell Extension has been completed and was submitted to the Provost in June, 2017. The Task Force on the Cornell Extension report was reviewed by the Provost and his staff.

Fall 2017 Update

To begin to utilize the observations and considerations described in the final report prepared by the Provost’s Task Force on Cornell Extension, a Leadership Committee on Extension and Outreach was formed in September, 2017.  Committee membership is representative of senior level administrators from each of the contract colleges plus Cornell Cooperative Extension.  The committee is charged with devising and implementing improvements and innovation in extension and outreach across the contract colleges, together with connecting these efforts with the rest of campus.  Mid-term and annual progress reports will be submitted to the Provost, Vice Provost, and contract college deans.