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Leadership Committee on Extension and Outreach

Organization and Membership

  • This is a standing committee that reports, through the Vice Provost and deans of the contract colleges,
    to the Provost.
  • Membership is representative of the four contract colleges, plus Cornell Cooperative Extension.
  • Members are senior level administrators from each unit and will be replaced when those positions
    change and/or at the discretion of the appropriate dean.
  • Members may select a chairperson or work in a team format. Defining the need for staff support for
    scheduling, minutes, etc. is at the discretion of the committee and should be supported by their own
    staff members.
  • The committee is welcome to adopt a new name that best represents their mission, if desired.

AY17/18 Membership

  • Linda Barrington, Associate Dean for Outreach and Sponsored Research; Executive Director, Institute for Compensation Studies, School of Industrial and Labor Relations
  • Rachel Dunifon, Professor and Associate Dean for Research and Outreach, College of Human Ecology
  • François Elvinger, Professor; Executive Director, Animal Health Diagnostic Center; Assistant Dean for Diagnostic Operations, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Max Pfeffer, Professor and Executive Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • Christopher Watkins, Professor and Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension Director, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


Utilizing the observations and considerations described in the June 2017 report prepared by the Provost’s Task
Force on Cornell Extension, the committee is charged with:

  • Devising and implementing improvements and innovation in extension and outreach across the contract colleges, together with connecting these efforts with the rest of campus.

In AY17/18, the committee is tasked with the following:

  • Identify and facilitate opportunities for collaboration across colleges in thematic areas of shared
  • Develop strategies for conveying the scope and impacts of Cornell’s extension and outreach efforts to
    various audiences.

In subsequent years, the goals for the committee will be set by the committee in consultation with the Vice
Provost, contract college deans, and Provost.


  • Given that collaboration and communication are intertwined, the group may opt to address them
    simultaneously rather than sequentially.
  • Though new initiatives to collaborate and communicate are expected, the committee is also
    encouraged to utilize and build on existing collaborations and communication channels.
  • While efforts may initially focus on the contract colleges, the committee should also consider the
    inclusion of all Cornell colleges and external stakeholders.
  • The committee is encouraged to consult broadly about their work, including internal and external
    resources. The Vice Provost is available to assist the committee, as needed.
  • Resources include Aaron Goldweber, Senior Director of Communications in the Office of the Vice
    Provost, as well as the administrative and communications staff in their own colleges.

Expectations and Deliverables

  • A mid-term progress report to the Vice Provost and the contract college deans in January of each year
    that details concrete steps taken to achieve goals, as well as anticipated action items.
  • An annual report to the Vice Provost, contract college deans and Provost in May of each year.